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CIPC Registration Number : 2004 / 00431 / 08
We are currently not open for wildlife admission or volunteer programmes


Wildlife rehabilitation is to raise and/or treat orphaned, sick and/or injured animals (back) to a state of health that would support the introduction of that animal into its natural environment.

Such an introduction should occur in an animal’s natural distribution range and habitat in favourable conditions to sustain that animal during the initial introduction and exploration of its new surroundings until a suitable territory has been established taking into account climatic conditions, food availability, predator load and social system.

FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation’s ultimate goal is for such an animal to successfully propagate to enhance the survival of the species.

Our introductions and releases are not done if an animal is not able to naturally sustain itself and propagate.

If such an animal Ioses a threat to human safety due to abnormal behavioural traits such as imprinting or over habituation. 

Mission: Conserving Wildlife. Inspiring the world

Vision: Through knowledge and behaviour change comes true conservation

Values: Integrity, ethical practices, environmentally sound behaviour, collaborative approach, open-minded and respectful attitude

General Enquiries:

011 807 6993 / 066 047 3473
All general enquiries or requests for information can be made to

FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation ® is a registered not for profit company (NPC) established in 1997.
CIPC Registration Number:     2004/00431/08
FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation is a registered trademark of FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation NPC, Johannesburg, South Africa

We are currently not open for wildlife admissions or volunteer programmes

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