Our goal: spread the word about the importance of our wonderful, indigenous wildlife!

Environmental Education

Environmental Education


FreeMe (the center for the rehabilitation of wildlife), in      conjunction with School Media, started this special initiative in  order to help educate schools, i.e. our future generations about the indigenous wildlife and conservation.

We are currently a team of seven and have already visited   numerous schools, starting off in both Alexandra and Diepsloot and eventually moving into all suburbs surrounding Johannesburg, spreading the message of conservation far and wide. We hope to inspire all schools, both private and under-privileged, and get them as passionate about wildlife as we are!

To get involved in this initiative contact: Michael Schrenk

Wildlife Education

FreeMe Wildlife Warriors Educate

Email: mschrenk@live.co.za

Cell: 076 529 2652

Web: freemewildlifewarriors facebook page