15th November 2015

FreeMe is temporarily closed. This came into effect as of Tuesday the 10th November 2015 until further notice. For further information click here


As a result of recent changes in FreeMe’s rehabilitation staff; the recent events and activities that have taken place at FreeMe over the last few months, has resulted in many inspections and meetings that have taken place with the NSPCA and GDARD.  These meetings have resulted in FreeMe having to re-apply for its permit to operate as a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

In September 2015 FreeMe had started discussions with GDARD about the new direction it was taking which would lead to full compliance and accountability by the organisation including staff, interns and volunteers under the direction of the new board.  However, recent activities at the centre brought the organisation to a grinding halt which impeded on staff from performing their full duties.  As a result thereof FreeMe voluntarily requested a temporary closure which included the suspension of admissions as requested by GDARD.  In addition the management of the current cases would be made under the guidance and recommendations of NSPCA.  This came into effect as of Tuesday the 10th November 2015.

In the interim we are in the process of applying for new permits which will allow FreeMe to operate as a fully compliant rehabilitation centre.

Since this is a temporary closure, we believe it is important for all our partners to be fully informed of our current situation.  We are however still treating, managing and releasing all current cases, but DO NOT admit any new cases until further notice.  Our current cases are being managed under the guidance of the NSPCA.  As a contingency plan we have arranged that other partner rehabilitation centres receive the cases and ask you to re-direct the animals to them.  A list of partner rehabilitators is listed below to assist you in re-directing cases during this period.

In the light of the above we are taking advantage of the temporary closure and will be conducting operational maintenance and restructuring to upgrade our facilities.

For record purposes, our new wildlife rehabilitator since the beginning of October is Karien Schmidt, should you need to contact her at any time.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on the contact details below.

Margo Bansda
Managing Director


FreeMe has been temporarily closed as from the Tuesday the 10th November until further notice.

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