Even though FreeMe has been temporarily closed for renovation our phone lines are still open and we welcome all calls from the public

We have been temporarily closed since the 10th November 2015 and have been engaging with local government, stakeholders, and interested parties in order to review policies and ensuring compliance so that FreeMe can continue to render professional wildlife rescue and rehabilitation services. During the period of respite, the organisation took advantage of the opportunity and has been in the process of refurbishing the reception, treatment and recovery rooms.

But closing the doors to admissions does not mean that the lives of wildlife animals are no longer in danger or threatened.  In fact it’s exactly the opposite.   FreeMe’s telephones have never stopped ringing since the summer season started – during the day or night.  “We continue to receive calls, give out advice and guidance to assist and educate the public in many cases – some are emergencies and others for basic information.” says Karien Schmidt our Rehabilitator and Nutritionist.  For example a red knob coot that was found stranded in a gentleman’s garden and took refuge in the pool after being chased by his dog or a lady that claimed her gardener saw a leopard in the garden one night after it triggered the alarm – she even took photos of the paw-prints left in the soil.

“Because we cannot admit new cases until we receive our new permit, it does not mean that we are inactive.   We have been passing injury cases to our local vets, who continue to support FreeMe as they have done in the past.  Alternatively we refer other cases to partner rehabilitators in and around Johannesburg who have been highly supportive and have filled the much needed void at short notice” confirms Karien.

FreeMe is a Non Profit Company and we appeal to both business and individuals who can offer assistance and services in advertising, marketing, sponsorship’s, maintenance or donations of used appliances to kindly contact FreeMe directly in this regard.

Thanks for your support!

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