On 19 June a massive clear out of old and broken materials, decayed wood etc was undertaken by a group of FreeMe volunteers. This has now left the facility in a much clearer state and we are going to start addressing, through a series of work parties, various of the projects that Claudius Sibanda has identified that will make the centre more easy to move through, and safer to work in.

FreeMe has already received offers of assistance for Mandela Day and we have identified and are quantifying the materials required for projects that can be undertaken on that day. This includes ensuing there are sufficient spades, bricks, hammers and the right kinds of nails, etc. for what needs to be done! In addition, because we need to take cognisance of the critters for which we are caring, we cannot have too many people making too much noise at once. After all, we are an wildlife rehabilitation facility.

There is an alternate option, consider a monatory donation of R67.00, R670.00 or R6700.00. This will be most welcome. Remember to include your name as a reference. EFT details on http://www.freeme.org.za/donate/

The list of maintenance and clinic upkeep projects that need to be done at FreeMe is long.  Thus we plan to hold work parties, at least once every two months, where corporates and other volunteers can get involved in lending a hand, hammer or nails! We will be keeping you informed about these on a regular basis.

FM is starting Work Parties.
These parties are linked to the upkeep and maintenance of FM. These parties starts on Mandela Day and will continue till the end of the year. Mandela Day is fully booked, however if you are willing to assist in any of the other Work Parties, please let us know what you are willing to assist with.
FM needs assistance with projects such as: mending fences, pathways, electrical, etc.

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