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Dear FreeMe benefactor, supporter, sponsor and volunteer.

The peace and tranquility of the Rietfontein Nature Reserve, home to the FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, is being threatened by the proposed extension of the K60 provincial road.

Message from the FreeMe Board of Directors, re the new provincial K60 road development.

FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation NPC is concerned about the proposed K60 road which would cut through Rietfontein Nature Reserve, destroying one of the few remaining green belts of Johannesburg, including a quartzite ridge with a unique biodiversity, and interfering with movement of wildlife along this corridor.

This would also impact on public access to our facilities and on FreeMe’s services to the community as a wildlife rehabilitation centre. FreeMe currently admits 10,000 cases annually, comprising 337 different species of birds, mammals and reptiles.

FreeMe would welcome an alternative proposal for an improved road system in the area.

Board of Directors, FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation NPC

Click here to view the FreeMe Information video. This video gives an insight into what we do. Many thanks to Darryl van Niekerk for producing it.

K60 News on Facebook:  For the latest information and to keep abreast of the K60 road development, please go to the
Friends Of Rietfontein
 facebook page and/or view the Friends of Rietfontein flyer.


The scoping report, which is currently on view at a few public places and on-line ( outlines the proposed plans for the EIA process to be implemented for approval by GDARD for the construction of the K60 road that will pass through the Rietfontein Nature Reserve. Interested & Affected Parties have until 5 pm on the 8th of November to lodge an objection to this report and help stop the destruction of the reserve as well as the biodiversity of the area.

F0R will be holding a public meeting on Saturday the 19th of October @ 9 am at the Rietfontein Nature Reserve, 138 Holkam Road Paulshof, (Opposite the German Club) to take your questions, explain this document and elaborate on the contentious issues that will form part of our objection. We encourage all our members to attend and get clarity with regard to your individual objection.

In order to lodge your objection to the K60, you will need to read the summary at the start of the report as well as the surveys at the end. There are many issues raised at the public meeting which have not been addressed and are grounds for objection, but you can also simply object to the manner in which this has been dealt with thus far.

For example, your objection could state that you have not had the opportunity to understand the proposed construction or its implications because of the lack of information. The public meeting that was held in May was badly advertised and did not appear in the paper until the very morning of the meeting. The venue was changed 3 times in 48 hours and many people still could not find the location. The room was over crowed, the sound and visibility were bad and safety issues were ignored. All these issues led to problems that can make the meeting null and void, and will form part of our objection as well.

Objections should include the reference number of the project (GAUT002/12-13/E0248) and the reason for your objection with references to the page in the document if possible. Add as many points of concern as possible as all objections will need to be dealt with individually and to your satisfaction.

Then email your objection to as well as the contact person at GDARD (

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