Dear Free Me friends, supporters, sponsors and volunteers.

In the next few weeks you will be hearing a lot about a new road extension, called the K60, which is planning to cut through the north west corner of Rietfontein Nature Reserve and put a 4-lane provincial highway , 62 meters wide, right on Free Me’s door step.

A busy road of this size, so close to our enclosures and our most sensitive cases, will not only affect our ability to do successful rehabilitation of the animals in our care, but will also cause irreparable damage to the Nature Reserve and the wildlife that lives here.  Free Me has always been dependant on the sanctuary of this nature reserve to provide our injured and displaced wildlife a quiet and safe place to recover. The K60 is threatening to put an end to that.

The Provincial Roads department has already set the wheels in motion by appointing an Environmental Assessment company called REC (Rock Environmental Consulting).  Part of their job is to inform all “Interested and Effected Parties”  and to gather registration forms. They have not done that effectively!

FreeMe is not against the road, but rather wants to make the Roads Department aware of the fact that building a highway through the middle of a green belt is short sighted and could potentially be devastating to Free Me,  the only rehab centre.

Click here to download the background information document.
For the latest information and to keep abreast of the K60 road development, please go to the Friends Of Rietfontein facebook page.

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