Indigenous wildlife species admitted to FreeMe 1997 – 2014

Below is a list of the animals, birds and reptiles that have been admitted to the FreeMe centre.  Each species has a link to click for information.




Bullfrog African/Giant
Frog  Painted reed
Frog Platanna
Frog Stream
Toad Eastern Olive
Toad Guttural
Toad Red


Scorpion Burrowing
Scorpion Parabuthus
Spider Baboon


Albatross Light-mantled
Apalis Bar-throated
Avocet Pied
Babbler Arrow-marked
Babbler Southern Pied
Barbet Black-collared
Barbet Crested
Bee-Eater European
Bee-Eater Southern Carmine
Bishop Southern Red
Bishop Yellow-crowned
Bittern Dwarf
Bittern Little
Boubou Southern
Bulbul African Red-eyed
Bulbul Dark capped
Bunting Cinnamon-breasted
Bush-Shrike Black-fronted
Bush-Shrike Bokmakierie
Buttonquail Kurrichane
Buzzard Jackal
Buzzard Steppe
Canary Black-throated
Canary Yellow-fronted
Coot Red-knobbed
Cormorant Reed
Cormorant White-breasted
Coucal Burchells
Courser Bronze-winged
Courser Temminck’s
Crake Black
Crake African
Crane Blue
Crane Grey crowned
Crow Black
Crow Pied
Cuckoo Black
Cuckoo Common
Cuckoo Diederik
Cuckoo Great Spotted
Cuckoo Levaillant’s
Cuckoo Red-chested
Darter African
Dove Laughing
Dove Lemon
Dove Namaqua
Dove Red-eyed
Dove Tambourine
Drongo Fork-tailed
Duck African Black
Duck Fulvous
Duck White-back
Duck White-faced
Duck Yellow-billed
Eagle Booted
Eagle Long-crested
Eagle Tawny
Eagle Verreaux’s
Eagle Wahlberg’s
Eagle-Owl Spotted
Egret Cattle
Egret Little
Falcon Amur
Falcon Lanner
Falcon Peregrine
Falcon Sooty
Finch Cut-throat
Finch Red-headed
Firefinch African
Fiscal Common
Fish-Eagle African
Flycatcher Fiscal
Francolin Coqui
Francolin Crested
Go-away-bird Grey
Goose Egyptian
Goose Spurwing
Goshawk African
Goshawk Dark Chanting
Goshawk Southern Pale Chanting
Grass-Owl African
Grebe Great Crested
Grebe Little
Pigeon African Green
Guinea Fowl Helmeted
Gull Grey-headed
Hamerkop Common
Harrier-Hawk African
Hawk African Cuckoo
Hawk-Eagle African
Heron Black-headed
Heron Goliath
Heron Green-backed
Heron Grey
Heron Purple
Heron Squacco
Hobby Eurasian
Honey-Buzzard European
Honeybird Brown-backed
Honeyguide Greater
Honeyguide Lesser
Hoopoe African
Hoopoe Red-billed
Hornbill African Grey
Hornbill Red-billed
Hornbill Southern Yellow-billed
Ibis Cape Glossy
Ibis Hadeda
Ibis Sacred
Kestrel Greater
Kestrel Lesser
Kestrel Rock
Kingfisher Brown-hooded
Kingfisher Giant
Kingfisher Half-collared
Kingfisher Malachite
Kingfisher Pied
Kingfisher Striped
Kingfisher Woodland
Kite Black
Kite Black-shouldered
Kite Yellow-billed
Korhaan Black-bellied
Korhaan Northern Black
Lapwing African Wattled
Lapwing Blacksmith
Lapwing Crowned
Mannikin Bronze
Martin House
Martin Rock
Masked-Weaver Lesser
Masked-Weaver Southern
Moorhen Common
Mousebird Red-faced
Mousebird Speckled
Mousebird White-backed
Nightjar European
Nightjar Fiery-necked
Nightjar Rufous-cheeked
Nightjar Square-tailed
Pigeon African Olive
Oriole Black-headed
Ostrich Common
Owl Barn
OwlOwl MarshGiant Eagle
Owlet Pearl-spotted
Palm-Swift African
Paradise-Flycatcher African
Parrot Brown-headed
Parrot Meyers
Pigeon Speckled
Plover Common Ringed
Pratincole Black-winged
Prinia Tawny-flanked
Puffback Black-backed
Pygmy Kingfisher African 
Quail Common
Quail Harlequin
quailfinch African
Reed-warbler African
Robin White-starred
Robin-Chat Cape
Roller Lilac-breasted
Roller Purple
Scops-Owl African
Scops-Owl Southern White-faced
Secretary Bird Common
Seedeater Streaky-headed
Shoveler Cape
Shrike Southern White-crowned Fiscal
Snake-Eagle Black-chested
Snake-Eagle Brown
Sparrow Cape
Sparrow House
Sparrow Southern Grey-headed
Sparrowhawk Black
Sparrowhawk Little
Sparrowhawk Ovambo
Spurfowl Swainson’s
Starling Cape Glossy
Starling Common
Starling Pied
Starling Redwinged
Starling Violet-backed
Stilt Black-winged
Stonechat African
Stork White
Sunbird Amethyst
Sunbird Malachite
Sunbird Olive
Sunbird Scarlet-chested
Sunbird White-bellied
Swallow Barn
Swallow Greater Striped
Swallow Lesser Striped
Swallow White-throated
Swamphen African Purple
Swift Black
Swift Common
Swift Little
Swift White-rumped
Tchagra Brown-crowned
Teal Cape
Teal Red-billed
Tern Whiskered
Thick-knee Spotted
Thick-knee Water
Thrush Groundscraper
Thrush Karoo
Thrush Kurricane
Turaco Livingstone’s
Turtle Dove Cape
Vulture Cape
Vulture White-back
Wagtail African Pied
Wagtail Cape
Warbler Willow
Waxbill Common
Weaver Cape
Weaver Thick-billed
Weaver Village
Weaver Southern Masked
Wheatear (Chat) Mountain
White Eye Cape
Whydah Pintailed
Wood-Hoopoe Green
Wood-Owl African
Woodpecker Cardinal
Woodpecker Golden-tailed
Wryneck Red-throated


Aardvark Aardvark
Aardwolf Aardwolf
Antelope Blesbok
Antelope Bushbuck
Antelope Gemsbok
Antelope Grey Duiker
Antelope Impala
Antelope Roan
Antelope Springbok
Antelope Steenbok
Antelope Eland
Baboon Chacma
Badger Honey
Bat Angolan free-tailed
Bat Cape Serotin
Bat Egyptian Free-tailed
Bat Little Free-tailed
Bat Mauritian Tomb
Bat Natal Long-fingered
Bat Rusty
Bat Yellow-house
Bushbaby Lesser
Bushbaby Thick-tailed
Cat African Wild
Cat Black-footed
Cat Caracal
Cat Serval
Dormouse Woodland
Fox CapeBat-eared
Fruitbat Wahlberg’s Epauletted
Genet Large Spotted
Genet Small spotted
Hare Scrub
Hedgehog Southern African
Hyrax (Dassie) Rock
Jackal Black-backed
Mongoose Banded
Mongoose Slender
Mongoose Water
Mongoose Yellow
Monkey Samango
Monkey Vervet
Mouse Grey Climbing
Mouse Multimammate
Mouse Pouched
Mouse Pygmy
Mouse Striped
Otter Cape Clawless
Otter Spotted-necked
Pangolin Ground
Polecat Striped
Porcupine Porcupine
Rat Cane
Rat Mole
Rat Vlei
Shrew Least Dwarf
Shrew Swamp Musk
Squirrel Ground
Squirrel Tree
Suricate Suricate
Weasel African Striped
Wildebeest Blue


Agama Blue-headed
Agama Southern Tree
Chameleon Cape Dwarf
Chameleon Eastern Cape
Chameleon Flap-Necked
Chameleon Setaro’s Dwarf
Chameleon Wolkberg Dwarf
Cobra Snouted
Crocodile Nile
Gecko Cape
Gecko Common Large-spotted
Gecko Transvaal
Lizard Limpopo Girdled
Monitor Lizard Nile
Monitor Lizard Rock
Sand snake Western Stripe-bellied
Skink Montane Speckled
Snake African Rock Python
Snake Aurora House
Snake Brown House
Snake Cape Cobra
Snake Common Wolf
Snake Egg-eater
Snake mole
Snake Night Adder
Snake Olive House Snake
Snake Puffadder
Snake Red-lipped Herald
Snake Rhombic Egg-eater
Snake Rhombic Nightadder
Snake Rinkhals
Snake Spitting Mozambique Cobra
Snake Spotted Skaapsteker
Snake Thread
Terrapin Marsh
Terrapin Serated Hinged
Tortoise Bells Hinged
Tortoise Cape Angulate
Tortoise Kalahari Serrated
Tortoise Leopard
Tortoise Lobatse Hinged
Tortoise Natal Hinged
Tortoise Padloper
Tortoise Parrot-Beaked
Tortoise Speke’s Hinged
Water snake Common Brown Water Snake
Water snake Dusky Olive

Bullfrog booklet   Blackfooted cats