FreeMe hosted a group of 14 MultiChoice MADD (MultiChoice Make a Difference) employees Friday 9 October.  This exuberant group had several varying tasks to tackle for the day: clearing wood along the facility boundary, cleaning the cages of our recently released owls, paving a new path and emptying and inventorying our tool and capture equipment storerooms. Some had the dubious honour of inventorying the tool-shed, but, following several shrieks, we found that some had downed tools when the resident, harmless, spider was encountered! No one was hurt during the process, just lots of laughter!

151009 Multichoice MADDAgain, FreeMe cannot express our gratitude for the work that MultiChoice did on Friday. Each activity undertaken enables our small staff and the clinic and rehabilitation volunteers to get on with the important task of caring for the injured, orphaned or ill wildlife in our care.  Thank you.

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